WebQuest Assignments

The activities for the course consist of seven assignments and one culminating project. Each of the seven assignments deal with one of the standard components of the typical WebQuest. Each component is presented to you as a mini WebQuest (on using and creating WebQuests). Also included are tasks for you to become more familiar with the various WebQuest attributes and to springboard you into the building of your own unique WebQuest. Each of the seven assignments is submitted electronically to the instructor for evaluation and feedback. The culminating project may be submitted in a variety of formats as described later in this document. -----Remember, if you ever have any questions, "get stuck" or want to test an idea, your instructor is always available by e-mail at webquestcourse@gmail.com. (If you are not able to finish an assignment in one sitting, submit what you have done along with an e-mail note stating that you will complete the lesson at a later time.....then, pick up where you left off the next time you work on the course.) 

It is strongly suggested that you place your answers for each assignment in a word document, then cut and paste where needed.  That way if something goes wrong and the instructor needs them you still have your information.

Assignment One
The WebQuest Introduction

Assignment Two
The WebQuest Task

Assignment Three
The WebQuest Process

Assignment Four
The WebQuest Resources

Assignment Five
The WebQuest Assessment

Assignment Six
The WebQuest Conclusion

Assignment Seven
Additional WebQuest Components

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