Student WebQuests on Display


Below are WebQuests created by former WebQuest students. Each is available with the authorís permission. They come in a variety of presentation formats. If you use one please credit the author.

Fashion Marketing by Kristen Miraglia

Dress Code Dilemma by D. Pycraft

Energy Design Choices by Becky Weinkauf

Protest by Susan Ingersoll

Users are Losers by Lisa Beavers

Shakespeare by Jessica Zosky

Whatís Next in Computing? By Julie Korkosz

Wetlands: Wasteland or Wonderland by Laura Schaedel

Moviní on Out by Dawn Herbert

Middle Ages by Midori Johnson

The School Park Design Team by Scott M. Doan

Wall Street by Jane Pearson

Vacation Prices by Mark Donabella

Maniac for Mayor by Tracie Rhoades

The Time Between the Wars by Mike Carpenter

Take Charge by Susan McEntee

Social Reform by Chris Walkowiak

Relocation Camps by Rick Christiansen

Re-Designing a Living Room by Jason Gnegy

Extreme Bedroom Makeover by Rachel Gnegy

Faisons du Shopping by Hallie Olson

Gold Fever by Stacia Sanchez


The Power of Advertising

Nature Fury Quest by Michelle Woolsey

Homeless in America by Debby Merino

Why is that so Funny? by Ms. Ozello

Vietnam by Ms. Gillman

JFK: Fact or Conspiracy by Kevin Niemczura

The Crucible by Stacy Perryman

George Washington's Nose by Michael Custard

Industrial Revolution by Mr. Murphy