The WebQuest Culminating Project

The Creation of Your Own WebQuest

After completing the seven course assignments you should be ready to create your own unique WebQuest.

Presenting Your WebQuest:
Most WebQuests are presented as World Wide Web pages uploaded to an Internet Web server to be accessed by anyone able to connect to the Internet. However, you may also use PowerPoint or Microsoft Word to present your WebQuest.
WebQuest templates are also available on the Internet and you may find one or more of these useful as you build your own WebQuest. Check out the following WebQuest template sites:

Delivering Your WebQuest:
After you have created your WebQuest presentation, you need some way to present it to your students (and to the instructor of this course).

If you need advice or help with either presentation or delivery, please contact the instructor:
George Smith
559-683-0447 home