PED 914

Technology in

Physical Education/Coaching



Instructions for Submitting Completed Projects
Project Delivery Instructions
Project One: Lesson Plan
Project Two: Comprehensive Technology Use Project
Project Three: Textbook Chapter Applications
Project Four: Message Board Topic Discussions
Project Five: List of Annotated Resoures
Project Six: Digital Portfolio
Course Requirement Check List


Instructions for Submitting Completed Projects:

Included with the instructions for each project is the method of delivery for that project..

(1)    Projects 1, 2, 3, and 5:

                  Send via e-mail:

                  See e-mail instructions below.

(2)    Project 4:

                  Post to the Class Message Board.

                  Class Message Board is accessible through the Class Website.

(3)    Project 6

                  This is an optional project and only required for those desiring a letter grade of “A”. If you are creating a Web based portfolio send the URL to the instructor via e-mail. If you are burning your portfolio to a CD, send the CD to the instructor via surface mail.


Project Delivery Instructions

For sending assignments by e-mail:

         E-mail address:

         In the subject line include course number and your name.

         Be sure the course number and your name are on all attachments.


For submitting Message Board assignments:

         Submit to the class Message Board available on the class Webpage.


For submitting Project 6 as a CD via surface mail:

         Glenn Synder

         1550 Kamm Avenue, no. 108

         Kingsburg, CA 93631 





#1: Lesson Plan

  Upon completion this project is to be e-mailed to the instructor as a Microsoft Word attachment. Your lesson plan will become a part of the course collection by being uploaded to the course Website. Please notify the instructor if you prefer to remain anonymous and your name will be removed before uploading.
E-mail address:

Create a lesson plan that utilizes or contains a technology element.

Lesson Plan Requirements:
Your lesson plan should include the following:

         1.      A clever title.

         2.      Statement of content area(s).

         3.      Grade level.

         4.      NETS and NASPE standards addressed (see note below*).

                  What standards? (State the standards being addressed)

         5.      Content background (optional).

         6.      Objectives (Typically begin with “Students will . . . .”).

         7.      Materials (This is where you will include the technology used).

         8.      Procedures.

         9.      Assessment.

         10.    Extensions (optional).

         11.    Multicultural infusion. (optional).

                  (Promotes awareness of different cultures and backgrounds).

         12.    Inclusion (optional) (Includes adaptations for special needs).

         13.       Resources (optional).

         14.       PowerPoint presentation either demonstrating your lesson or to be used with your lesson (see the note regarding PowerPoint Tutorials below).

PowerPoint Tutorials

         There are many PowerPoint tutorials available on the Internet. Open your Web browser and type into the address bar. Once Google opens type “powerpoint tutorial” into the search field. Explore the PowerPoint tutorials and discover how easy it is to create a presentation in PowerPoint. Your instructor’s favorite is located at:

*A note about educational standards and frameworks:

 Standards and frameworks have been established for all subject matter areas at the national level and for some at state and local levels as well. When developing your lesson plan, be sure it addresses at least one NETS and one NASPE National Standard. Be sure to name and list the standard.

National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE)

National Standards

National Education Technology Standards (NETS)

National Standards for Teachers and for Students

 After completing your technology/physical education lesson plan and accompanying PowerPoint presentation, e-mail both to the instructor at:



#2: Comprehensive Technology Use Project

This project is to be completed using a word processor (preferably Microsoft Word) and a spreadsheet (preferably Microsoft Excel). Upon completion this project is to be e-mailed to the instructor as Microsoft Word attachment(s).
E-mail address:

Select a technology of interest. It may be one you are currently using or one that you would like to use. Do a comprehensive study of that technology including its history, vendors, and uses. Create a manual for its use in a setting with which you are familiar and include an Excel spreadsheet budget for its implementation and long-term use.

The manual should include, but is not limited to:

  1. An overview of the technology. What does it do?
  2. A history of the technology including what led to its development and how it came to be what it is today.
  3. Market survey and purchasing strategy. Include a description of the manufacturer and a list of vendors with prices. Include potential peripherals and other extras.
  4. Excel spreadsheet listing and totaling all costs and expenses associated with the purchase and use of the technology. Line items should include:

Base price
Peripherals, add-ons, and/or enhancements

 Create different scenarios with various features.

Excel Tutorials

         Use one or more of the many Excel tutorial to guide you through the creation of your spreadsheet. Using your Internet browser, go to and then type “Excel tutorial” into the search line. This is the instructor’s choice: It is comprehensive but quite “wordy,” so if you are more of a visual learner you may prefer one of the other many options.


    5.  Funding. How might a teacher or coach go about funding the purchase and maintenance of the technology?
    6.  How is the technology used? Provide detailed, step-by-step, instructions for its use in your setting. Write so that a new teacher or coach could implement its use by following the instructions.
    7.  FAQ. A list of frequently asked questions (potential or anticipated) regarding the technology.
    8.   Troubleshooting guide. List potential problems and how to solve them.
    9.  Evaluation and suggestions for future improvements in the technology.



#3: Textbook Chapter Applications.

Upon completion this project is to be e-mailed to the instructor as a Microsoft Word attachment.
E-mail address:

 For each chapter in the text Using Technology in Physical Education, submit a 500-word paper describing how the material might be used by you in your coaching or teaching environment. This may be a way to enhance something you are already doing or to implement something new.



#4: Message Board Topic Discussions

This project is completed in the Class Message Board available on the Course Website at:

Participate in the six online message board discussions available on the course Website. Participation includes answering the prompt as well as responding to at least one other student’s answer for each of the four discussions in which you choose to participate.



#5: List of Annotated Resources

Upon completion, this project is to be e-mailed to the instructor as a Microsoft Word attachment. Your annotated resources will become a part of the course collection by being uploaded to the course Website. Please notify the instructor if you prefer to remain anonymous and your name will be removed before uploading.
E-mail address:

 Create a list of 20 resources related to the use of technology in physical education and/or sports. Each resource must include a detailed reference to the resource (so others can easily locate it) and a 100-word description of the resource emphasizing how it might be useful.

Resources are not limited to but could be any of the following:

1.      Website

2.      Book

3.      Journal

4.      Journal article

5.      Magazine

6.      Magazine article

7.      A newspaper article

8.      A manufacturer or vendor

9.      A store

10.    An organization

11.    An annual conference

12.    A person or presenter



#6: Digital Portfolio

This is an optional project and only required by those students seeking a letter grade of A. This project should be initiated by consultation with the instructor who will review the various options for creation and delivery.

 Create a digital portfolio that will include the following:

         1.      Your Lesson Plan including PowerPoint presentation.

         2.      Your Comprehensive Technology Use Project including spreadsheet.

         3.      Your Textbook Chapter Applications

         4.      Your Annotated List of Resources.

         5.      Table of Contents with hyperlinks.

 You have two options for the creation of this digital portfolio:

1.      Create your table of contents as a Webpage and upload everything to a Web server. The delivery is simply e-mailing the instructor the URL for the table of contents.

 Possible sources for server space:

·        Your school may provide this. Contact the campus technology administrator.

·        If you have an Internet Service Provider (AOL, ATT, Comcast, etc.) at home, they probably provide server space. Check with your provider.

·        Do a google search for “free server space.” Here is a good place to start:

2.      Create your table of contents as either a Webpage or a Microsoft Word document. The table of contents must link to each item. Burn everything to a CD. The delivery is simply surface mailing the instructor the CD. Surface mail address is:

         Glenn Snyder

         1550 Kamm Avenue, no. 108

         Kingsburg, CA 93631

 For information on burning a CD (of course, you will need a CD burner)

·  Consult your CD burner documentation

·  Do a Google search for “how to burn a CD”



Course Requirement Checklist

 Use the checklist on the next page to help you verify that you have completed all of the materials and forms necessary for grading and processing. All of these materials are to be delivered/presented directly to the instructor (not the University) via the methods indicated below. Please return the following only:

        (I)         Completion of first five or all six projects.
                     These are to be delivered by the following methods:                                  

                              Project 1:        e-mail attachment

                              Project 2:        e-mail attachment

                              Project 3:        e-mail attachment

                              Project 4:        discussion board postings

                              Project 5:        e-mail attachment

                              Project 6:        Webpage or CD                    

         (II)        Course evaluation (may be sent by e-mail, surface mail, or fax).

         (III)       Submit Grade Form (click)


Project Evaluations and Feedback

Projects are to be submitted as they are completed.

Project evaluations and feedback will be sent to students via e-mail. 


The Checklist


Projects required for grade of “B” or “Credit”

1. Lesson Plan (20points)

2. Comprehensive Technology Use Project (30 points)

3. Textbook Chapter Applications (30 points)

4.  Message Board Discussions Posts (30 points)

5. Annotated Resources (10 points)

Additional Project required for grade of “A”

6. Digital Portfolio (30 points)

Completed Course Evaluation Form                                                                 



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